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We breed to the Official Standard of the Bichon Frise and our adult bichons and our puppies are all registered with the AKC. Below is a summary of the standard for a purebred Bichon Frise.  You can read the full Bichon Frise Standard by clicking HERE.

The Bichon Frise is a small, sturdy, white powder puff of a dog whose merry temperament is evidenced by his plumed tail carried jauntily over the back and his dark eyed inquisitive expression. This is a breed that has no gross or incapacitating exaggerations and therefore there is no inherent reason for lack of balance or unsound movement.  Any deviation from the ideal described in the standard should be penalized to the extent of the deviation.  Structural faults common to all breeds are as undesirable in the Bichon Frise as in any other breed, even though such faults may not be specifically mentioned in the standard.  Size, Proportion, Substance: Size – Dogs and bitches 9½ to 11½ inches are to be given primary preference.  Only where the comparative superiority of a specimen outside this range clearly justifies it should greater latitude be taken.  In no case, however, should this latitude ever extend over 12 inches or under 9 inches. The minimum limits do not apply to puppies.  Proportion – The body from the forward-most point of the chest to the point of rump is one-quarter longer than the height at the withers. The body from the withers to lowest point of chest represents half the distance from withers to ground. Substance – Compact and of medium bone throughout; neither coarse nor fine.